Referring to coffee, everyone knows that this is an extremely attractive drink for everyone. To learn more about this product they will first learn “What is coffee beans?”. Coffee beans are fruits with inner lymph nodes, which are usually red or purple in color. Like regular fruits, coffee is called legume seed because of its similar shape.

What is the method of roasting coffee beans?
To get the best drinks you need to know “What is roasting coffee beans?” And that’s what we want to share in this section.


To roast coffee beans in a pan you need to take the following steps:
Place an empty pan on the stove with a temperature of about 450 ° F (232 ° C). If possible, use a fryer or thermometer to check the temperature of the pan.
Pouring coffee beans into a pan, not baking for too much will make the coffee uneven. Continue to stir the coffee in the pan.

After about four minutes (although it may take up to 7 minutes) you will start to hear a click – this means the beans are starting to roast. At the same time, beans will start producing coffee smoke that can be really strong. Turn on your oven exhaust fan and open a window to let smoke out. Notice the time when coffee beans start to crack.
Check coffee colors regularly. After the root chips start, wait a minute and start checking the color of the beans. Once you’ve reached the desired color, pour them into a metal roll and continue stirring until the coffee beans are cold.

Use roasting machine
Motorized coffee bean roaster is a more expensive option for roasting, but they bring extremely satisfactory results.

These devices work the way hot air blows through coffee beans. When using the blender, just pour the coffee beans into the machine, set the available functions and wait for the roaster to work. With this machine, the beans will be roasted in a regular, delicious, most fragrant way.

What are the notes when roasting coffee beans?
When roasting coffee beans, you need to be aware of the color of coffee beans at the following levels:

Light brown: This color is usually avoided because it can cause sour taste.
Light brown-medium: It has a full body, a full scent, and a mild sweetness.
Medium brown: This is a popular grill in the Western United States. It has a full body, strong flavor, and mild sweetness.
Medium light brown: This type of grill is also called light grilled French or Vien Vien. It has a very full body, a strong aroma, and a strong sweetness.
Dark brown: This is called espresso or French. It has a full body, an average aroma, and a full sweetness.
Very dark (near black): This is also called Spanish and dark French. It has a weak body, mild aroma, and low sweetness.

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