This Is How The Rest Of The World Drinks Iced Coffee

Do you know how countries around the world drink coffee? In fact, the rest of the world is drinking their iced coffee in all sorts of delicious ways. 

Let’s find out!

Frappe, Greece
Greece proves that there is a time and a place for instant coffee, and that it can in fact be absolutely delicious. The Greek frappe is traditionally made with instant coffee, water and milk, shaken and served over ice with sugar to taste. It’s the perfect answer to sultry afternoons

Aisu Kōhī, Japan
To make Japanese iced coffee, the coffee is brewed directly onto ice which means you can get it from cup to mouth even faster because there’s no need to cool it first. Not only is this super efficient, it also creates a complex flavor that can’t be achieved with cold brew

Oliang, Thailand
Traditional Thai iced coffee is brewed with soybeans, sesame and corn. That’s what gives it a special kick. (Though you’ll commonly see it just brewed with cardamom, too.) It’s served over iced with sweetened condensed milk — another nice touch — or evaporated milk with simple syrup. It basically tastes like heaven

Ca Phe Da, Vietnam
Vietnamese iced coffee is famous for its use of sweetened condensed milk, but that’s not the only thing that makes it so memorable. Just like with Oliang from Thailand, Vietnamese coffee is interesting right from the start with the brewing process. Sometimes it is brewed with chicory and other times it’s a mixture ofArabica and Robusta beans, which are notably harsh but blend well with the sweetness of the condensed milk

Mocha Cola, Brazil
This is not your everyday iced coffee. Brazil’s take on this beverage is… unique. There is coffee in it. And chocolate, lots of chocolate. But there’s also cola — which means double the caffeine — served over ice with whipped cream

Yuanyang, Hong Kong
Hong Kong is another spot where you’ll find extra caffeine in iced coffee. Yuanyang is a mixture of milk tea and coffee served over ice
Affogato, Italy
This isn’t exactly an iced coffee, but it is a beautiful, strong shot of espresso served on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. That’s good enough for us. (And, ahem, that’s Italian espresso and Italianice cream, so… )
Eiskaffee, Germany
Italy might have the affogato, but Germany has the Eiskaffee. And if ordered at the right place, that eiskaffee will come in a tall glass full of strong, cold German coffee with a scoop of ice cream, grated chocolate, whipped cream AND a fancy wafer cookie. If you’re really lucky, you get a party streamer too
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