Use immediately by mixing with boiling water and stirring well.

Can be taken on the spot or taken away easily.

Save time mixing.

Arousing stimulating, energetic sources

Selected from high quality coffee beans

Packed with fine powder, dissolved quickly, easy to carry

Instant coffee or instant coffee is a beverage originating from coffee in the form of coffee powder that has been tasted according to taste and processed by roasting and roasting.

Used immediately by mixing with boiling water and stirring is usable.

This coffee is very convenient to use, can be stored long-term and easy to use.

Cafe Fin instant coffee is prepared in fine powder, which can be dissolved quickly in hot water while still retaining the desired flavor.

Ingredients from pure coffee, carefully selected from high-quality coffee beans, roasted according to modern techniques at the ideal temperature, ensuring good smell and delicious taste, suitable for Enjoyable taste of Vietnamese people.

The rich flavor of coffee blends with charming aroma will give you the most satisfying and satisfied feeling whether you drink hot or drink ice.

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