What is Franchise?

Franchise Business (commonly referred as Franchise) is a network extension system for products, services (for a franchisor). It is an opportunity to develop a business under a well-known brand (for a franchisee).

Franchise business occurs when an organization or a brand (Franchisor) grants the franchisee the right to use the brand name and the mode of operation. In return, the franchisee must pay franchise fees to the franchisor..

Franchising Brand: CAFÉ FIN

In 2013, with the dynamism, creativity and anticipation of coffee development in the future and updated trends, we, CAFE FIN CO., LTD, have started to build successfully and effectively with the CAFE FIN COFFEE franchise system in Vietnam and some other countries.

Currently, the CAFE FIN COFFEE system with new style with distinction has been imprinted with the most difficult coffee. Coming to CAFE FIN COFFEE is not only about experiencing a new space of café’, but also about having a new coffee spirit.

Costs and technical terms of the franchise.

Franchisor: CAFÉ FIN CO., LTD, a company that gives an individual, organization or a group of people the right to use the brand name and the mode of business operation.

Franchisees: the receiver of franchise, use of the brand name and business mode from the franchisor. In return, the franchisee must pay for franchise fees to CAFÉ FIN CO., LTD.

Franchise Fee: this is the fee that the franchisee must pay to the company to use the brand name, mode of operation, and business model from the franchisor. 

Initial Investment: The initial cost for the preparation and assistance to start the business, such as: capital construction, technology transfer, training, administrative procedures. Initial investment is depending on product packages that the franchisee would like to receive from the franchisor, the size of the franchising store, the complexity of the technology transfer, and the scope of operations of the franchisee.

Requirements for Franchisees.

The conditions of the organization, individuals who wants to become the recipient of CAFÉ FIN CO., LTD Franchise. Here are some requirements that CAFÉ FIN CO., LTD considers to choose franchisees of the brand:

  • Appropriate business location (minimum area of ​​100m2)
  • Understand the business form and ability to invest time of the investor
  • Management ability of the investor
  • Financial potential of individuals and enterprises
Supports from CAFÉ FIN

About Construction:
– Design, deco the shop in accordance with the locations.
– Construction supervision.

Supplying Materials:
– Provide sufficient raw materials and machinery.

 Recruitment and Training:
– Provide job description of positions
– Providing operational guidelines
– Employee training
– Update professional knowledge periodically

 About Marketing:
– Consult marketing strategies in accordance with the business area.
– Use the resources of the CAFÉ FIN system: Website, blog, social media (Facebook, etc.)

 Quality management:
– CAFÉ FIN has the team, which includes skilled people that specially test and manage the quality of the franchise stores, in term of products, services and the cleanness of the stores to ensure the stable business operation of the coffee shops and the brand.


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