Currently on the market popular coffee lines such as instant coffee, powdered coffee, coffee beans, coffee beans, .. So What is instant coffee? What is coffee beans?


Coffee is one of the favorite drinks. Before grinding into powder to make delicious coffee, attractive coffee beans have gone through the process of growing and processing very complicated? Currently on the market, in addition to coffee powder, instant coffee powder, there are also roasted and ground coffee products. However, there are still many users who are wondering   What is roasted coffee ? How are they characterized?

What is roasted coffee? Features of roasted coffee

   What is roasted coffee ? Roasted coffee is a product processed through a long and complex process. First the coffee tree will be nursed from the carefully selected kernels. After about 3-5 years, the coffee tree will start to produce fruit. Berries are harvested when ripe. After harvesting, the berries will be dried and then peeled off the shell and just take the kernel. Coffee kernels will be removed from impurities and then made roasted and by different methods and tools create roasted coffee products.

   Characteristics of roasted coffee : Compared to the original kernel, roasted coffee beans are affected by temperature so the internal components will change. Roasted coffee beans will undergo many stages of color change during roasting. Each stage, aroma and taste of roasted coffee beans will be different. Specifically:

  • When starting to roast, the beans will turn yellow and continue to evaporate, shrinking.
  • Next coffee beans will turn dark yellow and start to hatch.
  • When the grain turns light brown, starting the first blast will produce roasted coffee with a light brown color, gentle aroma, a lot of sourness, sweet and bitter taste is unclear.
  • When the coffee beans explode for the second time, the grain color will turn to dark brown. At this time, the aroma of roasted coffee beans will be more passionate, less sour taste instead of sweet and bitter taste characteristic.


How to identify clean roasted coffee

Only roasted coffee beans with the right time and temperature, reaching the standard color can create a delicious and proper coffee. However, in the market today there are many products of roasted coffee beans, dirty coffee powder, mixed with many different grains. So how to identify clean roasted coffee?Coffee roaster is clean, quality assurance does not use additives to create color, create smell, so when the phase will be aromatic but very delicate. The color of roasted coffee is not black, thick but often dark brown. When you drop the ice, the coffee color will turn to amber brown.

With the above shares, you probably know what roasted coffee is also knows how to identify clean roasted coffee so that it doesn’t buy mixed, substandard products. In addition, you can contact reputable units that offer   Coffee roaster service. Professional as CAFÉ FIN company to get 100% pure roasted coffee products, quality assurance with cheap prices. Thank you!